OPAS is a fully menu driven system that has been developed specifically for Orthotic Departments, dealing with all your administration requirements.

Work on OPAS commenced in 1994 under the guidance of the Orthotic Department of the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke and is now used in over 100 hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.

Development is ongoing to keep in line with changes made within the NHS and Orthotic industry.




Make manual appointments, or get OPAS to automatically search for the next available appointment when the patients order has been received.

Print a variety of appointment and collection letters instantly or in batches.

Monitor clinic performance, attendance and RTT status.




History deals with patient appliance orders.

The progress of orders can be tracked as key dates are held against each order i.e. expected supply date, date appliance received, date appliance issued to the patient.

Highlight those orders that have not been received by the expected supply date.

Log supplier invoice details and electronically update Oracle Financials.

A variety of reports are available to analyse orders e.g. by item, purchaser, directorate, consultant to paper or spreadsheet.




The day-to-day use of OPAS revolves around the Patients database.

Add new orders, notes, appointment, care episodes and waiting list, and view existing information against specific patients.

Utilise patient information to produce reports and letters to a particular group of patients i.e. all those that live in a certain area or with the same GP.


Stock Control


Know the quantities and value of stock held.

OPAS will prompt you to re-order stock when minimum stock levels have been reached.

Issues of stock are handled automatically within the History section.



    All the reports and letters generated by OPAS can be customised to your own requirements. OPAS installations include initial familiarisation, training and full telephone support for the first year.  Data from existing systems can usually be transferred to OPAS at no extra cost.    



Single user licence £5,000.

Additional licences £1,000 each

Maintenance 20% p.a


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